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A projekt az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával, az Európa Terv keretében valósult meg

As a child…

… I used to walk a lot in the University Park and I was dreaming about attending this university. I was quite taken by the beauty and atmosphere of the Main Building. I chose the Faculty of Arts at UD because I wanted to study classic and modern humanities and media on the highest level. Another important reason for deciding on UD was the vibrant cultural life of Debrecen.

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Training is very down-to-earth…

… at the Agricultural Center; everything you learn you can use in practical life. If you attend the lectures, you’ll easily pass the exams, because the teachers explain everything clearly. And when it’s getting „hot” in the Boiler House, the party is in full swing!

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One reason why I like attending this university…

… is that I can choose from so many cultural programs in my free time. Whatever your field of interest is, you’ll find something to do. In addition to the country’s second biggest library, there are a lot of galleries and cafés at hand, assuring that students have a great time!

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Sporting facilities are great…

… and at the University of Debrecen you can choose from about fifty different kinds of sports from ball games to gym to fencing to bowling to golf. Of course the most popular sport is still soccer. UD’s sports club is one of the biggest in the country. Besides, this university offers the widest array of training programs in Hungary.

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I study computer sciences…

… and as far as I know UD graduates have the best chances of employment in the country. That was one reason why I decided on this university. Another reason was the vibrant student life on the campus. On Wednesdays I’m often there in the „Lovarda” at the country’s biggest university party, the Campus Party.

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I’ve always been interested in chemistry, in research…

… I chose UD because I only heard good things about it, and I was taken by the city’s atmosphere, too. Education is great, though I study a lot. I want to become a researcher, and I’m also thinking of working abroad. At UD there are a lot of foreign scholarship opportunities I can choose from.

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Legfrissebb hírek

The lifespan and ageing of animals was one of the topics discussed at the international conference held at the university in January about the notion of the evolution of physiological control mechanisms under the title “The evolution of mechanisms: a workshop on the integration of life-history evolution and physiology.”

Korean pianists have arrived recently at the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen for a two-day master course. They are also going to give a farewell concert before they leave our city.

A delegation from China, here to visit the University of Debrecen, conducted negotiations about joint research projects, scholarship possibilities, and potential PhD programs to start soon.

The University of Debrecen has improved its position in the world ranking of green universities and again has managed to get into the group of the top 200 most environmentally friendly institutions.

The new species of barbel discovered by the Department of Hydrobiology Research at the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Science has been named Barbus biharicus, i.e. the Bihar barbel.

As is customary, this year’s city ball was again held in the spirit of charity, hosted jointly by Debrecen’s municipal government, the university, and the local chamber of commerce and industry.

This year the Educatio International Education Exhibition, at which the University of Debrecen has been a regular guest since its inception, will be held for the 16th time.

Last year the University of Debrecen improved its position in several international rankings and still maintains its leading position among Hungarian institutions of higher education.

The universities of Debrecen and Sarajevo will work together in the fields of berry fruits, the dairy sector, and the production and development of beef.

Metal foam has potential for use in both the automotive and medical industry, and its properties are also the subject of research at the Faculty of Engineering.