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Dr. Gudni Albert Jóhannesson (IS) – MK, 2008. november 29.

Dr. Gudni Albert Jóhannesson, az izlandi Energiahivatal vezérigazgatójának
díszdoktori avatása a Debreceni Egyetemen 2008. november 29.


Gudni Albert Jóhannesson was born in Iceland 1951. He obtained an MSc degree in Engineering Physics in 1976 and a PhD in Building Technology in 1981 at the University of Lund, Sweden. In 1990 he was appointed as a professor in Building Technology and Energy Conservation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, which is one of the biggest Technical Universities of Scandinavia. He was appointed as vice dean, member of the Faculty Board, deputy head of the Department for Building Sciences. Since 1st January 2008 he has been Director General for the National Energy Authority in Iceland.
He developed the “Symphony” concept for cost effective high rise buildings, full scale experimental building stage. He has three international patents in Building Technology. He was leader or member of different international research teams for EU or IEA projects.
Professor Gudni Albert Jóhannesson contributes to a considerable extent to the international recognition of University of Debrecen and gets Hungarian researchers involved in international projects and gives a helping hand to the development of international relations.